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Paperunni Mother's Day Fridge Magnet Set

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Introducing our exquisite Mother's Day Fridge Magnet Collection, a delightful set of five magnets designed to bring warmth and joy to any magnetic surface. Each magnet in this charming collection features a unique design, celebrating the love, strength, and beauty of motherhood.

Whether she's arranging her grocery list, displaying cherished photographs, or simply adding a dash of personality to her kitchen decor, these magnets will remind her of the love and appreciation that surround her every day.

Celebrate the remarkable woman who has shaped your world with our Mother's Day Fridge Magnet Collection. It's a small gesture with a big impact, reminding her of the boundless love and admiration you hold for her.


  1. Quantity: Set of 5 magnets
  2. Designs: Each magnet features a unique design celebrating motherhood
  3. Size: Each magnet measures 7cm (height) x 5cm (width)
  4. Material: Made from high-quality magnetic material, ensuring strong adhesion to any magnetic surface.
  5. Finish: Glossy finish for vibrant colors and durability.
  6. Packaging: Packaged securely to prevent damage during transit, ensuring that each magnet arrives in pristine condition.
  7. Usage: Suitable for adorning refrigerators, magnetic boards, or any magnetic surface, adding a touch of maternal charm to any space.
  8. Gift-Ready: Perfect for gifting to mothers, grandmothers, or any maternal figure in your life, packaged in a stylish box ready for presentation.