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Paperunni Dark Quotes Stickers (24 pcs)

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Delve into the shadows of introspection and mystery with our Dark Quotes Stickers – an enthralling collection of stickers that express the enigmatic and thought-provoking aspects of life. Each sticker is adorned with cryptic phrases, captivating quotes, and a touch of darkness, inviting you to explore the profound and mysterious corners of your imagination.

The set features a series of dark and profound quotes, carefully curated to inspire contemplation and evoke a sense of mystery. Ideal for embellishing notebooks, laptops, journals, or crafting projects, these stickers add a touch of profound darkness to your personal space.



A set of 24 dark & thought-provoking quotes.


Mixed size ( Heights vary from 9mm – 15mm)


Matte Sticker Paper


As shown in photos


  1. Due to the difference in monitor settings and lighting conditions, actual colors of the stickers may vary slightly from what appears on your screen.
  2. Please note that each sticker is typed, printed and manually cut therefore some imperfections are to be expected.
  3. The quotes are designed to evoke contemplation and may subject to individual interpretation, sparking different thoughts and emotions in each viewer.
  4. Stickers are designed for easy application and repositioning; however, excessive handling and repositioning may affect adhesive strength over time.